We won the "Feedyard Excellence in Beef Quality Assurance" Award!

Monday, October 9th, Buffalo Feeders was honored to receive the Texas Cattle Feeders “Feedyard Excellence in Beef Quality Assurance Award”.

“In 2022, we established the Feedyard Excellence in Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Award to recognize a TCFA member that has demonstrated a commitment to BQA principles focused on improving animal health, nutrition and cattle care and handling,” said Ben Weinheimer, TCFA President & CEO.

BQA plays a vital role at Buffalo Feeders. It focuses our efforts on ensuring that the cattle we raise are safe, wholesome and of the highest quality. Buffalo Feeders priority is to raise quality beef. Being a part of the TCFA/BQA program allows us to have the opportunity to implement the best practices and guidelines about handling and managing our cattle.

Our primary goals are as follows:

1.    Animal Welfare

These practices, reinforced by training and confirmed by multiple audits throughout the year, allow our cattle to move naturally while ensuring the welfare of the animals and the safety and well-being of our employees. The third-party audits were conducted separately. TCFA staff conducted one audit for BQA certification, Progressive Beef staff conducted two separate audits followed by a final audit from IMI Global.

2.    Food Safety

By ensuring each animal has a “Safe to Ship” form confirming each animal shipped is clear to ship.  Any products used in the proper and safe guidelines of the items have been determined by strict verification and usage data to be free from residue. These“Safe to Ship” forms are run the evening prior to shipping and verified and confirmed accurate by two separate management staff. These efforts help us to document the additional measures Buffalo Feeders takes to ensure the cattle raised & grown turns into safe and wholesome Beef on our family’s table.

3.    Environmental Stewardship

Pen maintenance through cleaning each pen every time a group of cattle is shipped allows us to remove excess manure from the pen floors, rebuild the mounds in the pen to give the cattle a dry surface to lay down and rest on during inclement weather.

4.    Employee Well-being and Safety

The most precious resource and the great management tool we have is a healthy, happy, well-trained employee or team member who is actively engaged in successfully accomplishing their job daily.

“Buffalo Feeders has prioritized implementation of BQA principles for many years and has continued to look for opportunities to further improve cattle care and handling practices,” stated Ben Weinheimer, TCFA President & CEO. “An example of unique practice at Buffalo Feeders is that they do not use horses. For more than 15 years, they have used four wheelers to move cattle around the feedyard, and pen checkers walk the pens to check cattle every day.”

Pictured above receiving the TCFA "Feedyard Excellence in Beef Quality Assurance" award is Andy Lizardo, Data / Project Manager, Buffalo Feeders, Michael Bezner, Chairman of TCFA, Tom Fanning, Manager, Buffalo Feeders.

Buffalo Feeders blends cutting-edge technologies with time-honored animal husbandry values, creating a unique and appealing approach to cattle production. Consumers would find our embrace of modern tools like GPS tracking, individual animal data analysis, and sophisticated analytics compelling, as they allow for precise monitoring of cattle movements, nutritional intake, and environmental impact. These innovations lead to healthier, more contented animals and more sustainable practices.

Yet, what sets us apart is our dedication to old-fashioned care and ethical treatment. We believe that technology should enhance, not replace, traditional values of animal welfare and respect. Buffalo Feeders has been recognized for our Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) standards, receiving the 2019 NCBA BQA Feedyard of the Year, emphasizing humane handling, proper nutrition and responsible environmental stewardship.

By embracing a multi-dimensional approach encompassing media engagement, industry leadership, educational outreach, community support, and research collaboration, Buffalo Feeders continues to showcase its commitment to BQA. This active participation reflects a dedication to excellence, innovation, and community connection within the beef industry, reinforcing the positive impact and principles of BQA.  Buffalo Feeders comprehensive involvement in the BQA program, demonstrating the extensive contributions of Buffalo Feeders to the beef industry and the community.

~Tom Fanning

Manager at Buffalo Feeders


October 19, 2023
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