Navigating El Niño's Impact on High Plains Cattle

Winter Preparations at Buffalo Feeders: Confronting El Niño Challenges

As the temperatures drop and the leaves turn to shades of red and gold, cattle feedyards across the High Plains region of the United States are gearing up for the winter season. However, this year's preparations come with a unique challenge – the looming presence of an El Niño weather pattern, which can bring unpredictable weather conditions to our region.


Managing Mud and Moisture: Our Winter Strategy Amidst El Niño

Located in Buffalo, OK, our feedyard has a long history of successfully managing the health and well-being of our cattle during the winter months. But with the potential impact of El Niño on the horizon, our approach to winter preparations takes on added significance.

Buffalo Feeders team prepping pens

One of the first considerations when facing an El Niño event is the increased likelihood of wetter and milder conditions. This can mean a decrease in the severity of cold temperatures, but it also presents challenges in terms of mud management. We are taking proactive steps to ensure our pens are well-drained and properly maintained to minimize the impact of muddy conditions on our cattle.

Another key aspect of our winter preparations involves adjusting our cattle nutrition plans. During muddy wet winters associated with El Niño, with rapidly changing weather systems, diets may need to be adjusted to increase roughage to prevent digestive upset due to the variable weather conditions.

Weathering Market Changes: Adapting to El Niño's Impact

Additionally, we keep a close eye on the market dynamics related to cattle futures and trading. El Niño can influence cattle markets, as it can impact feed grain production and transportation logistics. Staying informed about market trends and potential disruptions is an integral part of our business strategy.


Resilience in the Face of El Niño: Our Strategies

Our commitment to the care and comfort of our customers' cattle, and to the safety and well-being of the cattle and our employees that are out in the weather every day checking each pen to ensure every detail is managed correctly is extremely important to our mission and our promise of constantly striving to do the best every day, even in the face of uncertain weather patterns.

In conclusion, as we prepare for winter in the High Plains region of Oklahoma, we remain adaptable and resilient in the face of potential El Niño impacts. By proactively addressing issues like mud management, adjusting nutrition plans, and staying vigilant about market dynamics, we aim to ensure the health and productivity of our cattle.

We are confident in our ability to navigate the challenges posed by unpredictable weather patterns and continue to deliver high-quality cattle feeding services to our customers.

~Tom Fanning

Manager, Buffalo Feeders

October 26, 2023
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