Unlocking the Value: Why Being Progressive Beef Certified Matters

Striving for Animal Welfare and Sustainability in Cattle Feeding: Buffalo Feeders' Remarkable Journey

In the world of cattle feeding and management, striving for exceptional animal welfare and sustainable practices is very important. Buffalo Feeders has a long record of excellence in Beef Quality Assurance, being awarded the 2019 National Cattlemen’s Association BQA Feedyard of the year. More recently we have been the focus of consumer-oriented videos made with the intent to give beef consumers a look into the extraordinary efforts we go to ensure safe and wholesome beef at their next meal.

As we engage in our daily practices of tending to the well-being of our cattle, managing operations, and maintaining our commitment to stewardship, it became clear that while we do provide yearly training on Beef Quality Assurance to our staff, there's an additional aspect. Our team comprises dedicated individuals who have loyally served our customers for two to four decades, amassing an extensive reservoir of knowledge and insight derived from their wealth of experience. This knowledge prompted us to consider how to preserve it for the benefit of the upcoming generation of caretakers, particularly as these individuals transition into retirement.

Revolutionizing Cattle Care: Progressive Beef's Cutting-Edge Quality Management System

Enter Progressive Beef: A cutting-edge cattle quality management system that's revolutionizing the way feedyards across the nation approach cattle care. As the Manager of Buffalo Feeders, I felt that this innovative program could offer remarkable benefits to our cattle feeding customers by helping record, document, and memorialize the years of institutional knowledge of our team.

Comprehensive Cattle Care: Unveiling Progressive Beef's Day-to-Day Management Approach

At its core, Progressive Beef stands as a comprehensive beef cattle quality management program that covers all aspects of day-to-day cattle care. Through meticulous audits conducted twice a year, the program ensures strict compliance, guaranteeing that the animals receive the highest level of care necessary to produce safe and healthy beef products.

Industry Insights and Best Practices: The Collaborative Power of Progressive Beef's Advisory Board

Progressive Beef doesn't stop at audits—it also has an expert advisory board that contributes valuable input and guidance. This collaborative effort leads to the establishment of program standards and requirements that reflect the latest industry insights and best practices.

Left to right: Andrew Sprague, Caleb Nelson, Raul Lizardo, Julie Ochsner, Andy Lizardo & Tom Fanning; Progressive Beef Specialist's, Andrew Sprague & Julie Ochsner

Sustainable Practices in Challenging Environments: Buffalo Feeders' Commitment to Northwest Oklahoma

Living in Northwest Oklahoma, with moderate to low average annual rainfall, multiple negative environmental factors, “Sustainability” is not a new term we have just come to know. It has been a way of life for the past hundred or more years my family has resided, farmed and ranched in the area. Therefore, having a plan to document the sustainable practices we have employed for generations was an attractive feature of the Progressive Beef program.

Measuring Sustainability: Progressive Beef's Impact on Animal Welfare, Antibiotic Use, and More

Progressive Beef prides itself on its commitment to sustainability. It applies meaningful metrics to internationally recognized sustainability indicators, including animal welfare, antibiotic use, resource efficiency, and employee safety. This not only aligns with your dedication to responsible cattle feeding but also builds a reputation that resonates with conscientious consumers.

Connecting Values in the Supply Chain: Tyson Fresh Meats and the Progressive Beef Program

Tyson Fresh Meats is the beef packer partnered with progressive beef. Progressive Beef™ Program - Tyson Fresh Meats Cattle from Buffalo Feeders sold to Tyson are identified as a part of the Progressive Beef Program can enter the supply chain for Wendy’s, Cosco, or Performance Foods Group. These direct-to-consumer suppliers have determined that their customers believe that a part of their beef buying decision making process is not just the quality and price of the cut, but how the beef was raised and how the cattle were cared for. We applaud this effort to connect consumers back to the farms and ranches where most consumers never see.

Transforming Cattle Care: Progressive Beef's Role in Elevating Buffalo Feeders' Excellence

In conclusion, Progressive Beef isn't just a program—it's a transformative approach to cattle care that aligns perfectly with Buffalo Feeders' commitment to excellence. By embracing this innovative system, you're not only enhancing the quality of your cattle but also solidifying your reputation as a provider of exceptional beef products that consumers can trust.

~Tom Fanning

Manager at Buffalo Feeder

"Progressive Beef has partnered with caring and knowledgeable people to ensure that we raise beef with integrity."

September 7, 2023
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