Where Do You Buy Your Cattle From?

Custom Feedyard: Ensuring Quality in Cattle Sourcing

As the manager of Buffalo Feeders in Buffalo, Oklahoma, I am often asked, "Where do your cattle come from?" The answer to that question is a testament to the thriving network of cow-calf ranches, stocker cattle operators, and sale barns that span across several states.

The Backbone of the Beef Industry: Cow-Calf Ranches and Robust Calves

Beef cattle start their journey at cow-calf ranches in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana, just to name a few. These ranches are the backbone of the beef industry, where cows are bred and calves are raised until they are weaned. The ranchers here are dedicated to the animals' health and well-being, leading to robust calves ready for the next stage of their lives.

After weaning, the calves then make their way to stocker cattle operators. In Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and from Florida and Alabama to Kentucky and Tennessee, these operators provide pastures for the stocker calves to graze and gain weight. The lush, nutrient-rich grasslands of these regions offer an ideal environment for the calves to thrive.

Sale Barns: A Vital Marketplace for Cattle Sourcing

Sale barns in Oklahoma and neighboring states play an integral role in our cattle sourcing. These barns function as a marketplace for us to purchase cattle from various producers. They provide an opportunity for us to select from a diverse range of cattle, ensuring we maintain a healthy mix within our feedyard.

Ensuring Health and Nutrition for Feeder Cattle

As a feedyard manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that we source our cattle from reputable ranches and operators who prioritize animal health and welfare. We believe that the quality of our beef begins with the quality of care our cattle receive at every stage of their life. Most of the cow-calf operators utilize the data we collect on the feeding performance and the carcass performance to make management decisions on what cows and bulls are producing the highest value finished cattle for their ranch.

At Buffalo Feeders, we are a custom feedyard that takes pride in ensuring that the feeder cattle we receive are healthy and well-nourished. Our team of professionals carefully monitors their nutrition and provides them with the best care possible, setting them up for success as they move on to become finished cattle.

Focused Growth: The Care and Attention in a Custom Feedyard

Finished cattle are the ultimate goal of this entire process. These cattle have reached the ideal weight and maturity for harvesting and processing into high-quality beef products. As a feedyard, we focus on the final stages of their growth, providing them with balanced diets and the attention they need to thrive. This dedication to their well-being translates into exceptional beef for consumers across the nation and the world.

In conclusion, our cattle come from a well-sustained network of cow-calf ranches, stocker cattle operators, and sale barns spread across the heart of America. This network ensures not just the quality and health of our cattle, but also contributes to the economy of these states. So, next time you enjoy a juicy steak, remember the journey it has taken from ranches in Texas, pastures in Florida, to our feedyard in Buffalo, Oklahoma.

- Tom Fanning

August 10, 2023
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